No More Moss

Fitting copper to your roof is the best way to prevent roof moss.
The copper prevents moss growth permanently and will keep your roof clean and moss free.
We fit copper to roofs in and around greater Belfast.
With prices starting from £250 for a terrace house.

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There are three main ways to fit the copper to your roof.

  1. A copper strip which fits underneath the slates which are closest to the peak of the roof.
  2. A copper ridge cap which fits over the top of the ridge tiles.
  3. A whole copper ridge - only suitable for new builds.  This replaces the normal clay or concrete ridge tile with a fully formed copper ridge.
copper ridge fitted to roof in belfast
Placeholder Picture
Placeholder Picture

When the copper is fitted to your roof it combines with the rainfall causing a chemical reaction. The rain then flows down your roof and prevents any moss growth from taking place. It also works to prevent lichen and algae growth. Lichen and algae are the yellow, red or white spots you sometimes see on roof tiles.

Before fitting a copper ridge or strip, your roof will be treated using a liquid chemical treatment. We are currently using an amazing new product  which is bleach free and kills moss, mould fungi and algae. The new copper does not clear away existing moss, instead it inhibits any further growth. It acts as a preventative and "prevention is always better than cure". When the copper is first fitted it is bright and shiny but very soon dulls to a chocolate brown colour and will not detract from the look of your house.

Most cement based roof tiles and slates contain Calcium compounds which when combined with moisture provide an excellent source of nutrients for moss to grow. Moss loves Calcium but hates Copper.
Moss usually grows on North facing roofs that don't get much sunshine and it will thrive in any  damp shaded places. For this reason, moss will grow more vigourously on the north facing side of a roof than on the southern facing side. The north facing slope of a roof always gets less sunshine.

"Moss Loves Calcium But Hates Copper"

With a copper ridge or strip fitted, every time it rains, the copper reacts with the rainfall and a tiny amount of copper is dissolved into the rainwater creating copper oxides. When the copper loaded rainwater washes down the roof it acts as an inhibitor to moss growth.

Chemical symbol for Copper
Chemical symbol for Calcium

The copper ridges and slate strips are a tried and tested method that have been proven in other parts of the world such as the USA and Scandinavia.

Copper ridge fitted to tile roof in Belfast

Aerial view of a newly fitted copper ridge in Belfast. The existing moss has been chemically treated and will dissappear over a short time. The copper ridge then prevents any further moss growth.

Traditional slate roof with copper band

New copper strip on a traditional slate roof. The copper strip is fitted underneath the first row of slates. Although it is bright and shiny in the photo it soons darkens and is barely visible in a short time.

Close up view of copper band fitted to slates

Close up of the copper strip fitted underneath roof slates.

Traditional slate roof in Belfast fitted with copper strip

Section of a roof showing a newly fitted copper strip.

Cherry picker van for fitting copper bands and ridges

We use a van with a high lift cherry picker to ensure the work is carried out on your roof as efficiently and quickly as possible.

You can also fit a copper belt around your chimney pots. This will help to prevent the cement chimney cap from gathering any moss and algae. If moss and algae is allowed to grow they will degrade the integrity of the cement over time.

Prices for fitting copper belts are:
Supplied And Fitted
For each individual pot - £32 per chimney pot, supplied and fitted.
Supply Only
If you want to fit the copper belts yourself we can supply you with the copper belts at £20 each.

Copper belt fitted around chimney pot in Belfast

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Our prices offer real value for money. From first contact to completion, we always ensure that our work is carried out with the utmost professionalism and to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy and delivering to their requirements.

We are copper wholesalers supplying the roofing industry plus we also sell copper roof kits to the public for DIY installation.

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